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Oops,my teeth Grown!

The growing baby teeth to make parents happy. However, the process can distort the small.
Your baby suddenly fretful, fever, or cough-cough? Please check his mouth, especially the front of the gums. You may find two burners, which began to grow teeth.
The process of emergence of Dental
Each of waiting parents when their child's teeth begin to grow. Each child's first dental obtain the age different, but generally when a baby aged 4-6 months.
In fact, have a baby in the womb has 20 milk teeth that terkubur in the gums. Along with the increasing age of the baby, teeth, teeth will appear gradually. Preceded by the emergence of the first two teeth that grow in the middle of gum - down. Less than one month and then again two teeth grow in the upper-middle gums.
Each of the next 4-5 months to grow again two teeth in the gums and gum on the bottom. Good teeth with existing .. Growth will continue to gear up to all the milk teeth appear. Approximately at the age of the baby 22-26 months. Permanent teeth will grow at children aged about 6 years old.
When the first tooth appears that since you also have to perform dental infant care. Use gauze in the dililitkan finger to clean teeth and gusinya. In addition, check children's teeth regularly. American Dental Association recommends, dental care doctors to start when the first children's teeth begin to grow.
When I get breastmilk, Glenn will be more intact. But if the babies get the milk bottles, need extra attention. The use of bottles that are less precise and can damage the beauty of flowers growing baby teeth.
The growth of teeth marks
When parents feel happy when I grow teeth, not for the baby. The growing teeth is not the time mengenakkan. Infants may feel pain or itching when teeth grow. Pain is not as injured as a result of the gums emergence teeth. But some cells in the gums become dead and secede so teeth can appear to the outside. This condition is disebakan many movements and changes in the jawbone and teeth of the teeth will appear OF.
Due to soreness, the behavior sometimes changed the baby. Some babies become very sensitive and difficult to sleep. Unfortunately, parents often do not capture these changes as symptoms of the growth of teeth. As a guide, in general, the baby teeth are growing normally will salivate more. This is because there is excitement in his mouth.
In addition, the baby will also be pleased bite objects that are nearby. With mengigit baby can be 'forgotten' not feeling comfortable in his mouth. This behavior often trigger diarrhea because the baby often mengigit objects that are not clean.
Although rare, there is also a cough when the baby is teething. Predictably, because of the large number of saliva in the mouth. Other symptoms that are considered as a result of growth is teeth fever. Fever arising from the child's behavior changes and pain due to the growth of teeth.
You need to do when I grow teeth:
Clean mouth (teeth, gums, and tongue) baby regularly, especially after drinking milk or other sweet drinks also should eat.
Give objects that clean and safe for the baby being bitten. For example: Carrot, fruits, or teether (which can be bitten toys made of plastic and contain no toxic liquids).
When the baby can not sleep because of pain due to the growth of teeth give sedative that doctors recommended.
Try mengosok or rub baby's gums with a clean finger or a special gel pereda sore gums of infants.

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